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Pearl (

Koinuko says:
This is my OC, Pearl! I usually draw him with his hair down, and it's about waist-length. He generally wears casual, fashionable sorts of clothes. I always forget how I color his bangs so don't worry about that part too much!

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Link 1 (other refs) | Link 2 (short bio)

Joey MacNormal (

 Big Lumby says:
Joey MacNormal is a both a supreme goober and a secret psychic! Her usual outfits are shown alongside her stage outfit, but she likes to dress in short yet flowy (almost puffy?) dresses or a combo of a graphic tee, optional waist cut jacket, and a skater skirt. Usually wears her hair as seen, though you can add highlight bangs in there if you want (preferably pink or magenta).

Additional links:
Link 1 (text bio)

Ashe (

 Beau says:
Ashe is a energetic and friendly shopkeeper in the run down town of Teufort. Despite her warm welcome to anyone who stops by, theres something missing from her that sets her apart from others. Almost like if you stare at her for too long, something strange will happen. Ashe has a brother named Sage, who are opposites of each other. She balances out his more grumpy and strict personality. Ashe cannot be drawn with her eyes open, please keep them like ^-^!

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Fruitella ☆ (

 Heart says:
This is my OC in the species Milkshake Lynxes!! (Pony Town) Her name is Fruitella and she's a magic clown lynx who talks in flute! (see: Little Einsteins) Her design is based on fruit candy and clowns. She is a bit of an outcast in the Milkshake kingdom because people have a hard time understanding her, so she's a little evil but she would never resort to violence or anything.

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Ream (

 Scourge says:
not exactly sure how to format this xtra info, but shes a butterfly, she goes by she/they pronouns, she goes to a mostly angel school, she wants to be an angel and drives herself mad with this aspiration, and shes mostly themed and inspired by weirdcore/dreamcore aesthetics!!

im also open to interpretations or creative liberties taken with her! thank u 4 hosting this! i cant wait to see everyones ocs and art!

Additional links:
Link 1 (multiverse)

Moonrunes (

Lifeinthe4thdimension says:
He’s normally quiet/shy, and worries easily. I tend to draw him kind of nervous all the time lol.

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Link 1 (

Vaea V (

 Vaea V says:
Vaea has not thought out the elements of the design not shown in the image, so... sorry about that. But the eyes glow when it talks if that can be considered a meaningful detail.

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Soda (

Jack says:
genderless speciesless creature they/it/he!! manifested itself out of an old flat cup of melon soda left at the desk of some hikkineet... internet addict

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Charlie Taffe (

Benny says:
Charlie is sassy + snarky, and displays that in the way he acts. He is drawn to bright colors and ugly rave fashion. He does not know what a scene kid is. Personality wise I'd say he takes a lot of inspiration from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Karl from Law of Talos, and Discord from MLP. Although he may be a jerk, he definitely has a more caring and sensitive side to him. Also, he probably hides candy in his hair.

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Link 1 ( | Link 2 (full ref)

Rafael Maradas-Barone (

 Aiden says:
there's already oc info in those links but here's some physical traits! raf is about 182 cm or 6'3", has a muscley build, and is southeast asian. IMPORTANT!! this fella has no arms; instead he has fiery plasmatic arms (colour is mint green but go crazy.) AND his weapon of choice is a decorated scythe, also go crazy. he wears both fantasy clothes and formal filipino clothes so you decide ^^

Additional links:
Link 1 (character info) | Link 2 (OC universe info)

Raguel of the Sixth Tier (

 Cadavre says:
Pronouns are he/him, he is an angel, he swears! He is tall, creepy, and loves to eat raw meat!

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Lady Godiva (

 Mads says:
Godiva's character description is listed on his toyhouse :) feel free to go ham! Pls no genderbending.

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Link 1 ( | Link 2 (character page) | Link 3 (fanart page)

Gunne (

 Friday says:
Hair can be dyed any color, but he only wears black, and turtlenecks/longsleeves with neck coverings. Also you don't have to make the eye sclera brown as that's just my artstyle! <3

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Link 1 ( | Link 2 (character page)

Lilac (

Snail says:
this is lilac! he's my pretty fish boy <3
lilac has led an isolated life, the only evidence of others like him existing being an old ruin in the undersea caverns he calls home. he's a bit shy and easily-flustered, but enjoys spending time with good company. also, he can't read.

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Participant says:
hi there!!! i was debating if i should join, but there's no harm in having fun! so here's my oc, kirk! heh :-) he's very silent, easygoing, loves cottagecore and he has a job as a doctor!! you can draw him in his doctor or formal outfit, but if you want you can also put him in any outfit you think looks cute too!!! i dont mind!!! (p.s: !!! ALL OF YOUR OCS ARE SO AWESOME!!!! i love them all :-)) <3)

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Maisie (

Kitty says:
Maisie is very shy and doesn't like leaving her house. She's a bit out of touch since she's very sheltered. She also isn't particularly smart but she's trying her best! She likes clothes that are comfy and warm cause she's cold all the time. You can change the colour palette a bit if you want, I know grey isn't very exciting.

Additional links:
Link 1 (outfit ref)

Zappeline Voltaire/Mayur Joshi (

Glowstick/Oddity says:
She. the. <3 she/he/they, feminine honorifics/titles. imagine if ms frizzle and megamind were the same person. feel free to draw him in different outfits/change up the design a lil but dont whitewash her please <3 if possible... i would like for her to be drawn with sparkplug (they are very small and very easy to draw) [linked below]

Additional links:
Link 1 (Sparkplug ref)

Fiend (

Psshaw says:
Fiend is ambitious, fussy, and ruthless. When they want something, they get it-- or they scream until someone stronger gets it for them. They're not afraid to pull a knife on you if you get in their way. Fiend is obsessed with death and corpses, and even aspires to be one once their business is wrapped up. They love dressing up and sometimes wearing makeup! They prefer to only wear red, black and gold.

Additional links:
Link 1 (character page)

Miss Wannabe (

Miss Wannabe says:
So, this is my OC, Miss Wannabe!! In general, she's a queen that constantly acts all high and mighty, and can be really aggressive if she feels that her loved ones are in danger!! But if she's unprovoked, she's usually calm and likes to have fun with others!!

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Ian (

Kale says:
Ian is just a regular dude who is also a giant eel with legs. He's a grumpy guy, but there's an expression chart on the toyhouse if you're interested in what he looks like on the off chance that he's not scowling. The toyhouse page also has a more detailed writeup for his personality and a few extra design notes that I didn't put on the ref!

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Link 1 (

Kera'tiv (

Pinkbat5 says:
Kera'tiv is an unlicensed alien doctor working on a backwater colony in lawless, frontier space. Their species can shapeshift, but they don't want to go through the hassle of replicating human musculature, so they blend in by covering their boneless octopus body in clothing instead. Despite appearances and a love for raw meat, they are friendly and genuinely care about their patients. Feel free to draw them with or without their disguise, or give them a new outfit... whatever you want, go wild :)

Additional links:
Link 1 ( | Link 2 (alternative outfits)

Nak-ouan (

Newt says:
Initially aimless amongst their community, they emerge as a skilled strategist and important leader when war descends upon the mountains in which they live -- the Nabhekhita. They can often be seen looking intensely at maps, telling bad jokes, playing the talking drums, or gazing from some viewpoint off into the arid mountains and valleys that they are trying to protect.

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