Welcome to the homepage of the 2022 Neocities OC Art Swap! This event ran from March 10th, 2022 to April 12th, 2022.



APRIL 12TH: Please go check out the lovely final submissions from all of our participants!

Also, if you have any feedback regarding the event and how things went, please feel free to send it in!

March 17th: All assignment e-mails have been sent out! The deadline for submissions is April 4th.
March 15th: Applications are officially closed. E-mail assignments will be sent out over the next few days (15th - 17th.)
March 14th: Another 24 hours or so before applications close!
March 10th: Submissions open.


There will be some rules in place for this event - not intended to limit anyone's creativity, but just for simplicity's sake!

1.) OC references and final submissions should be PG-13. Just use your own discretion - you should be able to tell what is and isn't appropriate!
2.) Make sure you will be able to submit on time! This may sound obvious, but it will be important so that everyone is able to receive a gift on April 10th! If you run into any issues that may delay your final submission, please let me know in a timely manner.


March 10-15th: Applications open!
March 16-17th: Pairs assigned and e-mail notices sent out. You can begin working as soon as you're notified of who you are assigned!
March 24th: First e-mail reminder sent out.
March 31st: Second e-mail reminder sent out.
April 4th: Gift submission deadline.
April 5-9th: Cataloguing submissions and preparing the website.
April 10th: Reveal date!

You will have from March 17th to April 4th to submit your final pieces - about 18 days of work time!


✩ Updates and reminders will be posted occasionally on ocartswap's profile (which you can find here), so be sure to follow!
✩ You can submit your finished piece as early as you want - you don't have to wait for the final submission date!
✩  I want to make sure this event is at a reasonable size that I can manage, so it is possible that applications may close early. Thank you for understanding! If everything goes well, I would love to host another one in a few months!