Here are the final submissions for the March - April 2022 Neocities OC Art Swap! Make sure to right click and view in a new tab for full resolution! A very heartfelt thank you to everybody who participated!

To see the original OC submissions from 2022, click here!


Drawn for koinuko (
by Benny (

Benny says:
i had a lot of fun participating in this art swap!! pearl was really fun to draw, especially his hair! (which i just colored sort of randomly) definitely a really cool character! :D this was so fun and i'd love to do it again!!

Joey MacNormal
Drawn for Big Lumby (
by Koinuko (

Koinuko says:
Joey is so cute and it was a delight to draw her!! For some reason I imagined her exploring in a field and reading about flowers, so I drew her using her powers in a more positive way!

Drawn for Beau (
by Miss Wannabe (

Miss Wannabe says:
Hope that it looks good!! :> I imagined her to be that type of person that is very kind to others and always talks in this cheerful manner so I took that as a guide!! Now I must say I didn't know what to do with her hands, so I decided to draw her holding a flower, because why not!! I must say, I actually had a lot of fun drawing her, I would love to learn more about her!! :D

Drawn for Heart (
by Mads (

Mads says:
Thank you so much for joining the artswap!! It was a pleasure to draw Fruitella, I hope I did her justice!

Drawn for Scourge (
by Aiden (

Aiden says:
HI SCOURGE AND EVERYONE ELSE!! lol it was so hard keeping this a secret bc I talk to zoop like every day lmao. it was fun doing this contest, and scourge ur oc is super cool it's like it belongs in some animated kids show or something like monster high ^^ - aiden

Drawn for Lifeinthe4thdimension (
by Scourge (

Scourge says:
moonrunes was so fun 2 draw!!! i normally use much colder and darker colors, so this was a fun challenge!

Vaea V
Drawn for Vaea V (
by Psshaw (

Psshaw says:
Thank you so much for organizing this event! I hope it went well for everybody, it's defs been a positive experience for me so far. Here's to more community projects like this!

Drawn for Jack (
by Kale (

Kale says:
This was fun! It's probably been like 10 years since I've done an exchange like this. Woof. This character is very different from my usual subjects, so I hope this was successful! They're very cute and I, being the person I am, enjoyed getting to use so much green.

Charlie Taffe
Drawn for Benny (
by Pinkbat5 (

Pinkbat5 says:
Here's my Charlie Taffe piece! Looking forward to April 10!! :)

Rafael Maradas-Barone
Drawn for Aiden (
by Big Lumby (

Big Lumby says:
lots of stuff happened whilst making this so i didn't have much time to polish it and make it as good as i could but i think it's alright as is, if not lacking in that one aspect. was really fun to do nonetheless!

Raguel of the Sixth Tier
Drawn for Cadavre (
by Participant

Participant says:
i had so much fun drawing your oc!!! ^^ i like him!! he's really awesome!!! i really like how he's reminiscent of old cartoons haha :-))) he also cured my art block haha :-P i'm super glad to have joined this art swap!!! thank you so much koinuko for organizing this event!!

Lady Godiva
Drawn for Mads (
by Vaea V (

Vaea V says:
Vaea was unable to do this very cool character the justice it wanted to. The deadline was putting too much stress on Vaea on top of it realizing just how out of practice it was in regards to doing art at all. Hopefully the end result is appreciated despite all that! ^~^

Drawn for Friday (
by Beau (

Beau says:
I was so excited to get you to draw!! ^o^ I hope you like this. :] I took insp from Utsu-p's album art and this is my first time doing shattered glass ^^

Drawn for Snail (
by Jack (

Jack says:
drawing this character was really fun!! love the little jellyfish... i hope you like this ^__^;

Drawn for Participant
by Snail (

Snail says:
Kirk was really relaxing to draw!
I drew him having a picnic because I feel like those are very peaceful and cottagecore, I hope you like it :-)

Drawn for Kitty (
by Lifeinthe4thdimension (

Lifeinthe4thdimension says:
this was so fun! sorry i was so late <3 i had done the sketch when i got assigned n then it totally slipped my mind lol. plasticdino’s oc is so cute btw theyre so silly!

Zappeline Voltaire/Mayur Joshi
Drawn for Glowstick/Oddity (
by Kitty (

Kitty says:
Mayur and Sparkplug are rlly cute :D I hope you like the bright colors!!

Drawn for Psshaw (
by Cadavre (

Cadavre says:
This was a ton of fun to do, and such a wonderful character design! Thank you for the opportunity!

Miss Wannabe
Drawn for Miss Wannabe (
by Friday (

Friday says:
I'm really sorry I got busy with school and didn't have much time to work on this but enjoy ^_^

Drawn for Kale (
by Heart (

Heart says:
Here it is!!!!! Kalechips Ian by Heart!

Drawn for Pinkbat5 (
by Newt (

Newt says:
I love Kera'tiv and think they are such a cool character concept. When I read they were in a "backwater colony in lawless, frontier space" I got this kind of picture of the viewer entering some like dingy bathroom or something in an outpost and leaving the stall and seeing them adjusting their clothes -- their back, what you see, is a person's silhouette, but in the mirror their "face" is revealed... so I thought it would be a fun shot to draw! I hope the kind of dingy grungy feel is right for their world. I hope you like this !

Drawn for Newt (
by Glowstick/Oddity (

Glowstick/Oddity says:
If you can, let Newt know I really liked drawing their oc :-) the patterns are so fun and they feel really well thought out!!